pyignite.datatypes.base module

class pyignite.datatypes.base.IgniteDataType

Bases: object

This is a base class for all Ignite data types, a.k.a. parser/constructor classes, both object and payload varieties.

classmethod from_python(stream, value, **kwargs)
classmethod from_python_async(stream, value, **kwargs)
classmethod hashcode(value, *args, **kwargs)
classmethod hashcode_async(value, *args, **kwargs)
classmethod parse(stream)
classmethod parse_async(stream)
classmethod to_python(ctypes_object, *args, **kwargs)
classmethod to_python_async(ctypes_object, *args, **kwargs)
class pyignite.datatypes.base.IgniteDataTypeMeta

Bases: type, pyignite.datatypes.base.IgniteDataTypeProps

Class variant of Ignate data type properties.

class pyignite.datatypes.base.IgniteDataTypeProps

Bases: object

Add type_name and type_id properties for all classes and objects of Ignite type hierarchy.


Binary object type ID.


Binary object type name.